Malaysians need to work 34 days to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 (64GB)

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched recently and the product has become a ‘hot topic’ amongst tech-savvy customers and Samsung enthusiasts.

Flipit, a couponing site, has compiled research on the average price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 (64GB) in the three largest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines and Singapore) + South Korea (where Samsung Group is headquartered). They have compared this data with the average monthly income per country.

With these data, it led them to produce calculations that determine the percentage of their respective salaries that would have to be spent in order to buy the mobile phone and also, how many days of work they need to do in order to be able to buy it. So, the question is: Which country has to work the longest to afford the new Samsung Galaxy S8 (64GB)?

With the research completed, they analysed all the data and have summarized some interesting points below:

  • Malaysia has the cheapest average price for the Samsung Galaxy S8 (64GB) in the South East Asian market, being $762, while the most expensive one -without counting South Korea which is the most expensive- is Indonesia, costing $825. This is a price increase of $63.
  • The average monthly income in Malaysia is, approximately, $678. This means, Malaysians need to spend 112.16% of their monthly income in order to buy the mobile, while Singaporeans are the ones who have to spend the least percentage of their salary, being 23.60%.
  • According to the monthly average salary and the average retail price for the Samsung Galaxy S8, Malaysians need to work 34 days to buy the Samsung S8, while Singaporeans only need to work 7 days -according to their monthly salary- being the ones who need the fewest days.

samsung galaxy s8

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