Akamai State of the Internet Q3 2016 report – Malaysia

Malaysia climbed up three spots from the previous quarter and currently ranks 63rd globally for Average Connection Speed (IPv4) and jumped five spots to rank 52nd in Average Peak Connection Speed (IPv4).

  • The country is showing a 3.5% increase on 4 Megabits (Mbps) unique IP Address, a 37% increase on 10 Mpbs unique IP address and 49% increase for 15 Mpbs connections to Akamai Technologies’ networks.
  • All 15 of the surveyed Asia Pacific countries/regions saw positive yearly growth in observed average connection speeds in the third quarter.
  • Malaysia enjoyed a 68% rate of 4 Mbps broadband adoption with a 3.5% hike as compared with the last quarter, and 37% in quarter-over-quarter gains in 10 Mbps Broadband Adoption (IPv4).
  • Malaysia achieved a 49% increase over the previous quarter in 15 Mbps Broadband Adoption (IPv4).
  • In the third quarter of 2016, Malaysia has an average Internet speed of 7.5 Mbps and a total of 51.7 in peak Mbps.
  • Average Mobile Internet Speed at 3.5Mbps.
  • The average connection speed for Malaysia (7.5%) is ahead of Indonesia (6.4%), Vietnam (6.3%), Sri Lanka (6.0%), China (5.7%), Philippines (4.2%) and India (4.1%).

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