How to Know If Your Twitter Account Has Been Hacked? [Video]

Something weird happening with your Twitter account?

Step 1: Look for tweets you didn’t post
Look for any tweets from your Twitter account that you didn’t post. Hacked accounts may post unwanted tweets to your followers.

Step 2: Check your direct messages
Go to your direct messages and click on the Sent tab. Look for any messages from your Twitter account that you did not send.

Step 3: Look for unapproved behaviors
See if your Twitter account has you following, unfollowing, or blocking people, or any other account behaviors that you did not set up.

Step 4: Check e-mail
Check your e-mail account. Did you get a notification from Twitter that you changed the e-mail address on your account when you haven’t changed it? This would indicate that your account has been hacked.

Step 5: Remember if you gave away your password
Think about if you gave your password to third-party sites or applications. If you gave your password to a malicious third-party, there is a good chance your account has been hacked.

Tip: Know that Twitter will never e-mail you asking for your password.

Step 6: Correct the problem
Correct the problem. Change your password. Go to your Account Settings and click the Connections tab. Revoke access for any third-party applications you don’t want. Follow the safe tweeting suggestions provided by Twitter to keep your account protected in the future.

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